DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER
DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER

DIET SUPPORT | Pink Grapefruit | limited edition | COMPARISON WINNER

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  • Forget fat burners and opt for Diet Support - a product that really works and doesn't come with empty promises.

    Anyone who feels addressed here will love the Gym Nutrition Diet Support.

    Unlike other companies, we don't promise you with a questionable one Fatburnerto stimulate fat burning and become perfect in just 3 weeks Body get. Unfortunately, we have to take this illusion away from you, because losing weight isn't that easy. Because we like to keep our promises and prefer to count on products that get you to your goal, this is why we are talking about this Gym Nutriton Diet Support Not a fat burner, but a product that supports you and your body in your diet with the help of its ingredients.

    The Gym Nutrition Diet Support

    We believe in hard work and most importantly we believe in you.

    That's why we don't want to sell you bullshit, we just want to get you through it Studies have shown Diet Supporter, which helps you get through holidays and festivals, that Craving sweets and constantly feeling hungry while dieting.

    We tried it ourselves and are completely thrilled with our diet support, which has never existed before.

    Here we have a brief overview of the capabilities of the ingredients in our Diet Support for you:

    • Tyrosine can reduce stress from everyday life.*
    • A balanced chromium balance prevents cravings for sweets (helps with the well-known binge eating*) 
    • Glucomannan suppresses appetite*
    • Fucoxanthin helps burn more calories*
    • Forskolin as a fat loss supplement*
    • Fat burner green tea, which has been proven to support the breakdown of existing fat deposits.

    If you want to find out more and more detailed information about our diet support, just read on. Below you will find out why most diets fail, why fat burners don't get you to your goal and how you can lose weight permanently with a healthy diet, exercise and a combination of valuable amino acids. We will also tell you which ingredients are included in our Diet Support and how you can cover this natural fat burner in your diet.


    diet supporter Wirkung


    The sophisticated formula of our Diet Support contains many high-dose ingredients that are very effective on their own, but together they form a perfectly coordinated team. The combination of ingredients such as L-carnitine, green tea and beetroot juice powder will get you to your goal faster. The great thing about it: Due to the natural and healthy ingredients, you don't have to worry about typical fat burner side effects such as racing heart, high blood pressure and sleep disorders.

    Tyrosine against stress: 

    Tyrosine is an amino acid that has been proven to support mental performance in stressful situations*. Tyrosine is the ideal way to keep a clear head in stressful everyday life or while dieting.

    The amino acid has numerous effects in our body: It increases our thinking performance, promotes dopamine production, reduces stress and is said to inhibit appetite, which can help with weight loss.*

    Tyrosine* is considered to play a crucial role, particularly in the production of the “happiness hormone” dopamine. This hormone is not only a mood enhancer that makes losing weight much easier on a mental level, but also controls blood flow to the organs and kidney function.

    The protein compound is also involved in the formation of the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. These control protein, fat and carbohydrate metabolism and are dependent on tyrosine, as the amino acid is converted into thyroxine in the body.


    Chromium against food cravings*: 

    90% of the population suffers from chromium deficiency, but why do you need chromium anyway?

    Chromium sometimes regulates insulin sensitivity and, among other things, causes cravings for something sweet (if there is too little in the body). In addition, the chromium deficiency is exacerbated by psychological and physical stress, which is why it makes sense to include enough chromium in your daily requirement. A sufficient supply of chromium indirectly stimulates fat burning.

    Fucoxanthin and weight loss*: 

    Fucoxanthin is a natural dye that is particularly enriched in algae and seaweed and is considered a real fat burner. It stimulates the production of so-called uncoupling proteins (especially UCP-1) in white adipose tissue, which causes more calories to be burned to generate heat (thermogenesis).

    In a clinical study, fucoxanthin stimulated metabolism in obese women and increased daily calorie consumption by more than 400 kcal, resulting in a weight loss of 5 kg within 16 weeks. Body fat lost accounted for the largest proportion at -3.5 kg of weight loss. Unfortunately, this study is the only one that was carried out with humans, but studies in animal models achieved comparable results.

    EGCG triggers fat metabolism*:

    Green tea extract or EGCG is known as an antioxidant fat burner. And rightly so, because the ingredients in green tea prevent a sudden increase in blood sugar levels and ensure a constant insulin level.

    • Improving the LDL/HDL cholesterol ratio*
    • 100-200x stronger antioxidant effect than vitamin C and E*
    • Reduction of visceral fat deposits*
    • Acceleration of fat metabolism*
    • improves cognitive performance*

    Forskolin boosts weight loss*:

    Weight loss in men

    The first study we're looking at was published in the Journal of Obesity Research in 2005 and aimed to determine the body composition and hormonal adjustments associated with forskolin consumption in overweight and obese men. This randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study took place over a period of 12 weeks. There were 30 subjects involved, with a dosage of 250 mg of 10% forskolin extract, twice per day.

    The resulting data from this study looks very promising, with subjects showing the following:

    • A “significant decrease” in body fat percentage and total fat mass
    • A “significant increase” in lean body mass
    • A change in bone mass, indicating an increase in bone density
    • A “significant increase” in free testosterone levels

    All of this suggests that Forskolin is not only a pure fat loss supplement but also a natural way for men to increase their testosterone levels, which in turn leads to less body fat and more muscle mass in the body.

    The research group concluded with the following statement: “The results indicate that forskolin is a potential therapeutic agent for the management and treatment of obesity.” So forskolin can almost certainly be considered a fat burner.


    Weight loss in women

    The research on the effects of forskolin in women is even more interesting. It begins with a study published in the journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition in 2005.

    Although "no significant differences" were found in the subjects' fat mass, it is very interesting to note that forskolin actually appeared to "attenuate body mass gain." This suggests that forskolin doesn't work primarily as a fat burner, but in combination with adhering to a sensible diet and exercise plan, it acts as a tip of the scales, so to speak, to tip the whole thing in a more favorable direction.

    Some subjects also reported a reduction in fatigue and hunger, which suggests that forskolin could have significant effects on people on a low-calorie diet.

    Since Forskolin appears to be free of any adverse side effects, it represents a safe weight loss and weight management aid for the general population.

    Synephrin: Does synephrine boost metabolism in humans? According to a study by Stohs and colleagues (2011), this is the case. While the placebo group was rewarded with a decrease in metabolism within 75 minutes at rest, the basal metabolic rate increased in the intervention groups. The effect of synephrine could be increased even further by combining it with 600mg Nahringin and 100mg Hesperidin - to an additional consumption of 189 kcal at rest.

    The increased energy consumption is attributed to the agonistic effect on the beta receptors (type 3), which results in increased lipolysis (fat breakdown) and an increase in the metabolic rate (2). In this way, regardless of diet, it is possible to achieve a reduction in body fat (and thus weight loss) over a longer period of time.

    The effect of synephrine is increased by the caffeine contained in EGCG.

    Betaglucan for more satiety throughout the day:

    1. Glucomannan als Sattmacher

    Glucomannan is the fiber found in konjac root. These have the property of increasing their volume tenfold when they swell with water or other liquids. This triggers the feeling of satiety much earlier. By taking additional glucomannan, you actually feel full after a smaller portion than usual. And the great thing about it is that the resulting feeling of fullness lasts much longer than that of a normal meal. This aspect alone makes glucomannan a valuable companion for any diet and the ideal fat burner.

    Quelle: Vuksan V et al., „Viscosity of fiber preloads affects food intake in adolescents”, Nutrition, metabolism and cardiovascular Diseases, September 2009

    2. Glucomannan prevents food cravings and suppresses appetite

    Researchers at Mahidol University in Thailand have found that glucomannans reduce appetite because they have a beneficial effect on ghrelin levels. Ghrelin is a hormone that plays an important role in our body's hunger-satiety mechanism. The higher the ghrelin level in the blood, the greater our appetite. If the ghrelin level drops, the desire to eat also decreases. In their studies, the researchers were able to show that taking glucomannan causes ghrelin levels to decrease and remain low for hours. Therefore, taking glucomannan can help keep appetite in check.

    Quelle: Chearskul S et al., „Immediate and long-term effects of glucomannan on total ghrelin and leptin in type 2 diabetes mellitus”, Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice, Februar 2009

    In addition, fiber generally has a stabilizing effect on blood sugar levels, ensuring that we feel full and satisfied for longer. (There should be 40 grams per day in the diet.) These aspects make glucomannan a fat burner secret weapon against food cravings by reducing appetite at a hormonal level.

    Quelle: Birketvedt GS et al., „Experiences with three different fiber supplements in weight reduction”, Medical Science Monitor, Januar 2005

    3. Glucomannan binds Fat

    Glucomannans not only bind water, but also fats. If glucomannans are taken with a meal, they absorb a significant portion of the dietary fats contained therein. Similar to a sponge, glucomannan absorbs dietary fats and binds them so that they cannot be absorbed by the intestinal lining. The fats are then simply excreted in the stool without having the chance to settle as fat deposits on the stomach or hips. Taking glucomannan regularly ensures that less fat is absorbed per meal. The fat burner glucomannan contributes to a reduced calorie intake and thus supports weight loss.

    Quelle: Gallaher CM et al., „Cholesterol reduction by glucomannan and chitosan is mediated by changes in cholesterol absorption and bile acid and fat excretion in rats”, Journal of Nutrition, November 2000

    MCT – a fat for less fat: 

    The unique chemical structure of MCT fats allows your body to break them down more easily - before they reach the liver - and then convert them into energy (and thus stimulate your metabolism). MCT fats (medium-chain fatty acids) also promote the following positive properties:

    • Insulin sensitivity
    • den Metabolismus (metabolic rate)
    • Fat oxidation
    • Total fat mass
    • Cholesterol levels

    Grab our miracle weapon now to get through the winter unscathed and forget about classic “fat burners”!

    What are fat burners actually? 

    The Gym Nutrition Diet Support is not a normal fat burner. But what exactly are fat burners? You'll get the answer if you look at the marketing promises of fat burners. Fat burners are substances that stimulate the metabolism and accelerate the body's fat loss. The market is full of such remedies, which are usually not cheap and are intended to get you to your goal in a diet without much effort. 

    Of course, such a promise sounds very tempting and of course it would be great if you could lose weight so easily with fat burners. But you can't. We're sorry we don't have better news for you at this point. 

    Overpriced spice mix and lots of caffeine – that’s what fat burners are made of

    Why this is so becomes clear when you look at the individual components of fat burners: What they all have in common is a fairly high caffeine content, which makes you more alert and can actually support you during training. However, you won't lose weight just by taking caffeine. Otherwise it would be too nice: drink coffee and lose weight at the same time... 

    In addition to caffeine, fat burners also contain spices, which are said to accelerate metabolism. These include, for example, guarana, green tea or pepper extract. If you add these two ingredients together, fat burners are nothing more than “caffeine plus spice mix”. 

    What are the benefits of fat burners?

    Can a little caffeine and spices help you lose weight? Let's put it this way: If you have very severe restrictions, fat burners can help you if necessary. But you have to do most of it yourself, especially since the effect of the individual components is very manageable anyway. 

    If you rarely consume caffeine, fat burners will definitely make you more powerful. Caffeine acts on the central nervous system and ensures that tiredness is no longer noticed. At the same time, the reaction time and performance of tired people can be stimulated. So you may be able to give more in training, even if you are actually tired and exhausted. However, this effect is not due to fat burners, but rather to the caffeine they contain. Espresso and coffee have the same effect without giving you the illusion of losing weight. Speaking of coffee: If you are a coffee junkie and already consume a lot of caffeine, the effect of fat burners will be even weaker for you. Your body is a creature of habit and the more often it has reacted to caffeine, the less the substance upsets it. 

    The effect of the spices contained in fat burners is also stronger or less pronounced depending on how often you eat spicy food. Very spicy food can actually increase your metabolism for a short time. However, when measured against the overall balance, the effect is so small that it literally “doesn’t matter.” 

    So what are the benefits of fat burners? Pretty much nothing. 

    To lose weight, you need to do more than just pop a fat burner. The equation for fat loss is pretty simple: at the end of the day, you need to burn more calories than you consume from food. To achieve such a result, you can increase your calorie consumption, for example through exercise, or through supplements such as L-carnitine, fish oil and other macronutrients, and reduce your calorie intake. You will see: if you tweak these two parameters, you will lose weight without any fat burners. 

    How do you burn fat?

    In order to lose weight, aka fat, you have to consume more calories than you consume from food. We already told you that. In fact, you can support your diet here if you think about why diets usually fail. The most common reasons are 

    ·      Cravings

    ·      Fatigue, tiredness from diet

    ·      Hunger

    Lose fat: combat cravings with chromium

    Cravings often arise when you don't need them: when you're on a diet, when you put too much pressure on yourself. In addition to this psychological component, cravings can also arise from a nutrient deficiency: Chromium deficiency has been proven to lead to cravings and ensure that you crave sweets. You can get cravings under control if you cover your chromium needs. 

    Tyrosine as a natural fat burner: Staying fit on a diet

    Many diets fail because the willingness to perform is reduced: your body likes fat because it used to help it through times of emergency when no animal was killed for a long time. It therefore reacts to food deprivation by reducing its energy. Most of the time you feel this very clearly because you feel less focused and weaker when you are on a diet. Tyrosine can help you here. The amino acid boosts mental performance in stressful situations and promotes the production of dopamine. This makes diets easier to stick to. Your thyroid is also happy about tyrosine, as it stimulates the production of the thyroid hormones thyroxine and triiodothyronine. 

    Volume as a natural fat burner: Eat foods with a low energy density

    It's not just cravings that endanger your diet: real hunger, which occurs because your stomach and intestines are not full, also occurs when you eat less than usual. So that your hunger doesn't prevent you from losing weight, it helps to eat bulky foods with a low energy density. These include foods like zucchinis, cauliflower, salads that contain lots of water, and lean proteins. A real insider tip is glucomannan from konjac root. As a fiber, glucomannan binds water and increases its volume up to tenfold. In other words: your stomach has a lot to do for now. 

    Fat burners: This is why you can save your money

    As you can see, losing weight with a fat burner is a promise that you shouldn't place too much emphasis on. Unfortunately, the idea of ​​losing weight just by taking a dietary supplement is a little too good to be true. A diet doesn't work without your help - but otherwise it would be kind of boring, wouldn't it? To help you reach your goals, you can support your diet naturally by eating foods that fill you up, avoid stress, and meet your chromium needs. Our Diet Booster Naturally prevents your diet from failing due to effects such as cravings or loss of performance. Try it yourself. 

    5 natural fat burner foods: How to eat yourself slim

    In addition to nutritional supplements that support your diet goals, certain foods can also help you achieve your weight loss goals. Here we show you the 5 most effective foods with a fat burner effect. Watch out!

    The Ultimate Fat Burner Foods List

    1. Protein-rich foods: Protein-rich foods, such as cottage cheese, eggs, chicken, are filling and last for a long time. This means you have to struggle less with cravings and snack less often. Protein-rich foods such as seafood often contain L-carnitine, which stimulates fat burning.
    2. Fatburner Chili: Anyone who likes it spicy has a clear advantage: spicy foods such as chili or ginger stimulate the metabolism and activate fat burning. This is due to the alkaloid capsaicin, which is found in spicy foods.
    3. Spinach: A balanced diet and spinach have belonged together since Popeye at least. The leafy vegetables contain thylakoids, which suppress appetite. Ingredients such as vitamin c, K1 and folic acid also support a balanced micronutrient balance and thus fat burning.
    4. Green tea: It should definitely not be missing from the list of fat burner foods: green tea! Tea contains catchins that prevent fat from being stored in the liver. At the same time, fat burning in the existing tissue is stimulated by green tea initiating the conversion of food energy into body heat. The best effect is achieved if you drink three cups a day.
    5. oatmeal: Oatmeal is at the top of the list of popular fat burner foods and fitness enthusiasts for a reason. The healthy flakes contain valuable ingredients such as magnesium, iron, B vitamins and soluble fiber.

    By the way, another fat burner is sport: Fitness and exercise increase your calorie consumption (you can burn 600 calories per jogging session - one pizza) - the best prerequisite for creating a calorie deficit and burning fat.

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Säuerungsmittel Citronensäure, Beta Glucan (1,3/1,6), Dextrose, Undaria Pinnatifida Extrakt, MCT Pulver, Grüntee Extrakt, Coleus Forskohlii Extrakt, Aroma, färbendes Lebensmittel Rote Beete-Saftpulver, Spirulinapulver, L-Tyrosin, Süßungsmittel (Sucralose, Acesulfam K), Bitterorangen Extrakt, Coffein, Chrompicolinat