GREEN-TEA Green Tea Extract 120 Capsules Vegan 1200mg - High Dose - Green Tea, 2 Month Supply - with Caffeine, Polyphenols, EGCG and Catechin
GREEN-TEA Green Tea Extract 120 Capsules Vegan 1200mg - High Dose - Green Tea, 2 Month Supply - with Caffeine, Polyphenols, EGCG and Catechin
GREEN-TEA Green Tea Extract 120 Capsules Vegan 1200mg - High Dose - Green Tea, 2 Month Supply - with Caffeine, Polyphenols, EGCG and Catechin
GREEN-TEA Green Tea Extract 120 Capsules Vegan 1200mg - High Dose - Green Tea, 2 Month Supply - with Caffeine, Polyphenols, EGCG and Catechin
GREEN-TEA Green Tea Extract 120 Capsules Vegan 1200mg - High Dose - Green Tea, 2 Month Supply - with Caffeine, Polyphenols, EGCG and Catechin
GREEN-TEA Green Tea Extract 120 Capsules Vegan 1200mg - High Dose - Green Tea, 2 Month Supply - with Caffeine, Polyphenols, EGCG and Catechin

GREEN-TEA Green Tea Extract 120 Capsules Vegan 1200mg - High Dose - Green Tea, 2 Month Supply - with Caffeine, Polyphenols, EGCG and Catechin

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Green tea extract – how the active ingredient boosts your health

High blood pressure, inflammation and fat loss: Green tea is said to have numerous positive health effects. What is behind the good reputation and how do catechins - especially EGCG - that are in green tea extract work in the body? Find out here!

Green tea is healthy. It is said to protect against gastrointestinal tumors, have an antioxidant effect, wake you up and boost metabolism and fat loss. Sounds good? We think so too! To achieve this effect, however, you have to be a pretty big tea lover and sip up to three cups a day. And what if you don't like tea? Even then, you can benefit from the positive effects of green tea, without drinking tea at all. The solution is green tea extract! With green tea extract you can get your daily dose of antioxidants even if you are not a tea lover. What is in green tea extract and why should you consume it? We'll tell you.


  • What is green tea extract?
  • How does green tea extract work?
  • Green tea extract as a supplement: application, dosage, side effects

What is green tea extract?

Green tea is not for everyone. The tea, which is considered a real miracle and healing agent, has a slightly bitter taste that you either love or hate. If you are one of those who like the taste, you can be happy for your health, because green tea is said to prevent Alzheimer's, diabetes and multiple sclerosis, to name just a few of the positive properties. Well, what if you don't like green tea? Then you can now breathe a sigh of relief, because an herb... er, extract has also grown against it.

Green tea extract sLike green tea, it comes from the tea plant Camellia sinensis. To make the extract, the tea leaves are gently rolled and processed, which means that all the high-quality active ingredients are retained. You have to imagine the result, which usually comes in the form of green tea capsules, as a compressed form of green tea. It contains all the active ingredients of classic green tea and has such a strong concentration that just one green tea capsule can replace around 2-3 cups of the hot drink per day.

Ingredient in green tea extract

Green tea extract contains all the valuable ingredients of green tea in concentrated form. These include polyphenols, especially flavonoids such as catechins, especially the catechin epicallocatechin gallate (EGCG), caffeine and vitamin C. The components polyphenols or flavonoids (this is a type of polyphenol) and catechins are also known as tannins. They give green tea its color and give it a bitter taste. The caffeine content is lower than in green tea or not present at all.

How does green tea extract work?

Green tea is a real health elixir. Both your psyche and physical performance can benefit from green tea. The positive effects that green tea has are due to the various ingredients contained in green tea. The catechins, also known as bitter substances, which give green tea its typical taste, are primarily responsible for the effect. A special role is played here by the EGCG contained in green tea - or epigallocatechin gallate - which also belongs to the group of catechins and which, as the main catechins, receives the greatest attention in research. But it's not just EGCG that gives tea extract its positive effect on the human organism - vitamin C too. Here you can find out what super power the individual ingredients in green tea extract have on the organism.

Yin & Yang: caffeine and L-theanine

Tea has a definite advantage over coffee: in addition to caffeine, it also contains green tea extract L-Theanin, a free amino acid that influences the concentration of various neutrotransmitters in the blood (these are neurotransmitter substances such as dopamine and norepinephrine). The caffeine contained in tea therefore has an invigorating effect and increases your ability to concentrate. Unlike coffee, green tea doesn't make you nervous or excited. On the contrary: it even has a calming effect due to its L-theanine content. This is because many of the neurotransmitters influenced by L-theanine produce a state of relaxation and a feeling of happiness. For example Dopamine, whose production is stimulated by green tea extract and ensures feelings of happiness. Because drinking green tea creates a state of relaxation, you can concentrate better and are more focused. This can be beneficial at work in the form of improved memory and productivity, as well as in training.

Vitamin C bomb for the immune system

Eating oranges for your vitamin C balance? Better try it with green tea. The young green tea leaves contain a high amount of vitamin C, which is retained in the extract due to its rapid processing (in the more heavily processed black tea, however, the vitamins are completely destroyed). Carotene is also contained in the tea leaves and supports your immune system and cell health. Since you can take green tea extract in capsule form without infusing the tea leaves with hot water, all of the vitamins are retained.

EGCG – antioxidant in green tea

EGCG is one of the secondary plant substances, also called polyphenols, which gives green tea its bitter taste. EGCG is an antioxidant found in green tea (and to a much smaller extent in black tea). If you're wondering what an 'antioxidant' is, an antioxidant is a chemical compound that protects your cells from destruction by free radicals, harmful products of metabolism. Such free radicals are caused by environmental influences, smoking, alcohol and also by some foods. EGCG keeps your cells fit and protects you against damage. Many studies have already been carried out with EGCG, from which all sorts of positive effects on the body and mind can be seen. These include the following:

Effective against cardiovascular diseases

In studies Evidence has been found that consumption of green tea supports heart health and thus prevents heart attacks. Other risk factors such as high blood pressure and cholesterol levels could also be minimized through regular consumption of green tea and green tea extract. The Pharmazeutische Zeitung writes that the effect can probably be traced back to epigallocatechin gallate, EGCG. The flavonoid is said to reduce oxidative stress by scavenging free radicals. These mechanisms also have a positive effect on blood pressure and heart health.

EGCG has a positive effect on insulin levels

EGCG has a positive effect on metabolism and insulin levels. As a US-Studie shows, just two cups of green tea can halve the increase in blood sugar after a carbohydrate-rich meal of potatoes, pasta, etc.


EGCG has an anti-inflammatory effect and has a positive effect on the immune system. The active ingredient from the catechin group also protects the nerve cells and is said to protect against diseases such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's as well as multiple sclerosis.

EGCG lowers cholesterol levels

In one US study In around 1,000 women, taking green tea capsules was able to reduce the cholesterol level in the test subjects. At the same time, blood pressure was significantly reduced after three months of use. Both high blood pressure and high blood lipid levels are considered risk factors for heart disease.

Promotes fat metabolism and helps you lose weight

One point that may be of particular interest to athletes is that the combination of ingredients contained in green tea is said to be beneficial for weight loss. The blend of catechins and caffeine are said to regulate hormones involved in the weight loss process and improve thermogenesis - the process by which your body burns calories. Due to the high content of catechins and caffeine, your body burns fat more effectively after drinking green tea instead of relying on glucose from food. Green tea extract promotes thermogenesis by making the body more effective at burning calories, which can lead to weight loss. Some studies also show an increased reduction in fat mass in diets when accompanied by regular consumption of green tea.

Green tea extract as a supplement: application, dosage, side effects

The described positive effects of green tea are also and especially desirable for athletes: a functioning fat metabolism, increased concentration during training and a functioning blood pressure can help you make better progress and achieve your sporting goals more quickly. It's no wonder that green tea extract has become a popular dietary supplement on the fitness market in recent years. Here we will tell you how green tea extract should be dosed, how the capsules work and what you should consider when taking and composition of green tea capsules.

Green tea capsules: get the green tea effect in its purest form

Green tea extract offers your health many benefits that you can take as a supplement in compressed form. Basically, you can differentiate between different types when taking green tea extract:

  • Green tea capsules
  • Green tea extract tablets
  • Green tea extract powder

What all types have in common is that the green tea extract effect is particularly strong here. Unlike drinking green tea as a hot drink, when taking supplements you always know exactly how many mg of EGCG it contains. The type of supplement depends on your personal taste. Capsules offer you the advantage that you can take them regardless of location and without touching them.

Who benefits from the effect of green tea extract?

Green tea extract offers benefits to everyone. The extract capsules are particularly recommended for anyone who wants to improve their body and reduce fat or lose weight with green tea extract. You should use supplements if you maintain a healthy, sporty lifestyle and simply don't like the taste of green tea. The nutrients you take with an extract can help you achieve physical goals faster while always maintaining inner peace. Other positive effects that you can achieve with green tea extract capsules include:

1. Protection of cells from oxidative stress

2. Reduction of tiredness and fatigue (including during training)

3. Improvement of the psyche, feeling of inner balance

4. A normal functioning of the nervous system

Green tea extract experiences: What do I have to consider when choosing my supplement?

When purchasing, make sure that your green tea extract capsules have a high EGCG dosage. Green tea extract should also be present in high doses in green tea capsules: One capsule should provide you with at least 500 mg of green tea extract. High-quality products like the Gym-Nutrition green tea extract capsules even provide you with 1200 mg of green tea extract per serving and are therefore a source of valuable ingredients.

Green tea extract dosage: How and when should I take the capsules?

For optimal effect, take 2 capsules daily with a meal with plenty of water. This amount of high-dose capsules is enough to have the same effect as drinking several cups of tea.

Does green tea extract have caffeine and does green tea extract have side effects?

Caffeine is often only present in a very small dose in the extract, which is significantly lower than in the drink. High doses of caffeine in the supplement can cause side effects. The extract may cause stomach problems in some people. Especially if the extract is taken orally in very high doses, the caffeine content can cause problems. Side effects such as headaches, irritability, ringing in the ears, sleep problems and dizziness can also occur in isolated cases. However, these are always due to caffeine. There are currently no known EGCG side effects.

Can I lose weight with green tea capsules?

Let's put it this way: fat loss will at least be made easier for you. As we already told you above, bitter substances in green tea can help your body rely on existing fat for energy rather than relying on glucose from food. This means that you will lose weight in the long term, provided your calorie balance is right. However, losing weight is always a combination of several factors such as diet, exercise and hormonal balance.

But even if you don't want to lose weight, the active ingredients in Gym Nutrition Green Tea Extract offer you many natural health benefits that will benefit your psyche and fitness. And best of all: the capsules are vegan, controlled and made in Germany.

Gym Nutrition Green Tea Capsules

HIGH DOSE: The Gym-Nutrition green tea extract capsules provide 1200mg of green tea extract per serving. They are a source of valuable ingredients such as vitamins, polyphenols and caffeine

DEVELOPED BY DIET EXPERTS: The Gym-Nutrition Green Tea capsules are particularly popular with athletes.

VEGAN: Unlike many manufacturers, Gym-Nutrition's green tea capsules are vegan and without smelly beef gelatine. We also avoid using magnesium stearate as a release agent and unnecessary colors and additives. Lactose free & gluten free

MADE IN GERMANY: It is important for the Gym Nutrition team that we enjoy taking our own supplements ourselves. That's why we only use high-quality ingredients, which are produced and bottled under the highest German standards. 120 capsules.

GYM NUTRITION PROMISE: As a customer, you can write to us at any time about nutrition and sport

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